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by ponita keo & maxi battaglia 

A promotional video for Mamonahi Theatre Company's immersive theatre performances of The  Grey Life and Relationship, 
performed  Beijing in 2016.

Mamonahi Theatre Company, founded by Martina Morrocchi in 2013, combines improvisation, immersive theatre,  dance, and live music to communicate modern-day issues. 
With dancers and actors from various theatre, dance, and cultural backgrounds, Mamonahi adopts a mix of performance styles while emphasising the use of emotional and bodily expressions. The style and practice of Mamonahi draw inspiration from the techniques of Pina Bausch, Konstantin Stanislavski, Jacques Lecoq, Jean Genet, and Lee Strasberg. 

The Grey Life is Mamonahi Theatre Company's flagship immersive theatre and dance production, written and directed by Martina Morrocchi. Performed in the signature Mamonahi style of dancing with emotions, the show serves as a commentary on modern society and explores the concept of "pollution" in various forms.

The Making of The Grey Life is a short behind-the-scenes video on the process and experience of putting on the show, and for us, filming the show in 2016. The show film, together with The Making of the Grey Life, has been screened at international events such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and TPAM Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama.
n experimental film adaptation of The Grey Life is currently in the works.  

The film of the stage performance is not available online.